Can Boxers Eat Eggs?


You must agree with me that a dog with all the above traits is just amazing and deserves the best treatment. Like most dogs, Boxers has its basic needs to stay healthy and strong. This would definitely include Nutrition.

The right nutrition matters a great deal and this brings us back to the question; ‘Can Boxers eat eggs?’

Yes, Boxers can eat and should eat well-prepared eggs which are excellent for strong and active dog breeds like Boxers. Eggs supply essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals for their everyday activity.

In this article, I would be discussing the advantages of including eggs in your Boxer’s meals and how they are beneficial to your dog’s health and growth.

As you read, you would come across the best and healthy ways to serve your dog its eggs.

Can Boxers Eat Eggs?

Benefits of Eggs for Your Boxers

Let’s take a look at the many reasons you should begin feeding your Boxers with eggs, or for you to continue if you do.

  • Eggs make a very tasty lip-smacking meal for your Boxers. Your dog would not need to chew much to take one and finish a meal with a taste of cooked or boiled eggs.
  • Eggs are a source of essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Remember, protein is one of the major classes of food for you. It turns out your dog needs it too!
  • Eggs are also rich in essential vitamins such as Vitamin A and B12.
  • Eggs supply calories, needed to stay strong, active, and vibrant.
  • Feeding your Boxers with eggs also supplies it with other nutrients such as fatty acids, iron, folate, iron, selenium, and riboflavin.
  • Eggs also contribute to a healthy coat and improved skin condition for your Boxers.
  • Eggs are also able to help in settling your Boxer’s upset stomach.
  • Eggs can be used in preparing nutritious homemade meals for your dog. Eggs are considered very safe for consumption for your dogs.
  • Eggs are relatively cheap, hardly scarce, and very easy to prepare.
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The above nutrients are very beneficial for Boxers to grow and strong healthy bones and teeth.

The claim by some that eggs are a high source of cholesterol and would not be healthy for dogs should not be a source of concern. According to Nutritionists, dogs are not at risk of the type of cholesterol-related diseases that we as humans suffer from.

This is because the effect of cholesterol in dogs is very different from the kind of effects it has on humans. If for any reason there should be a source of concern, it would be observed in its weight first.

As a matter of fact, eggs should make up for about 15 percent of the total calories needed by your dog daily.

How Frequent Should You Feed Your Boxer Eggs?

Consulting with your vet on this issue would be a great move. However, if your dog is overweight, you must apply caution on feeding your dog so many eggs, considering that it is rich in fatty acids. You won’t want your Boxers to develop other health issues such as obesity.

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Overfeeding your dog with eggs can also put it at risk of other illnesses such as Salmonella. As a matter of fact, eggs cannot be used as a primary source of nutrition.

You only need to just incorporate eggs into your dog’s meal. Your dog deserves to be served a complete and balanced diet, as you would love to.

It is recommended that your dog should be fed eggs a few times weekly but this would also depend on your dog’s health status, weight, activity level and of course your dog’s age. Whatever the case may be, just ensure it is done moderately.

Serving Your Boxers Eggs

In time past, wild and free dogs were known for snatching eggs out of next and consuming them like that! However, these days, it is not recommended for domestic dogs to eat raw eggs.

Feeding your dog or letting it consume raw eggs place your dog at risk of certain illnesses, especially when done frequently.

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Though some may argue that serving eggs in another method other than raw like cooking or boiling, eliminates most of the nutrients contained in the eggs.

There are also those who go further to insist that the dog is made to eat even the shells! It’s said it is a source of calcium and phosphorus.

This is especially for those having problems chewing bones. It is suggested you dry them out, grind them as powder and sprinkle them on your dog’s meal.

They further argued that eggs have to be taken in very high quantities to get these diseases, which is most unlikely. Besides, the dog’s immune system should be able to effectively handle any bacteria found in raw foods.

It is also said that egg yolks supply enough biotin to make up for the effects of Avidin, an enzyme in egg whites. As such there should be no concern over this effect.

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Though these arguments can seem very logical, I still do think I love my dog too much to put it at any avoidable risk!

Possible Risks when Feeding Your Boxer Raw Eggs

  • Salmonella Infection: Do you know both you and your Boxers can get Salmonella infection from eating raw eggs? This disease is accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, fever, diarrhea, low appetite, fatigue, reduced activity level. If this ever happens, contact your veterinarian so your dog is placed on antibiotics and you should dispose of those poisonous raw eggs!
  • E .coli Infection: Your Boxers can also be infected by this bacteria by feeding on raw eggs. Though rare too, it is still possible. Bacteria have to be cooked to about 145 degrees F to be gotten rid of from your dog’s meal.
  • Biotin Deficiency: Another health concern is that raw egg contains Avidin, a substance that inhibits Biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that helps in your dog’s metabolism, digestion, and improved skin condition. This substance prevents the absorption of biotin into its body.
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Simple Tips for Preparing Eggs for Your Boxer

It is best you prepare your Boxer’s egg meal by boiling or cooking it. You can also make egg scrambles! Just avoid using oils, butter, spices, salt, cookie, and other additives, your dog would not react to these additives the way you do.

Remember to make this part of its meal and not a primary source of nutrition.

Whether raw or cooked, check your dog’s reactions after feeding it the first time to see if it has stomach problems.

You would need to make necessary adjustments if this happens. Note that except if done excessively, farting is quite normal for your dog after feeding on eggs.

Also, it is advised you get your eggs from organic healthy chickens or pasteurized eggs from the grocery store. After purchase, ensure you store them properly. Storing in a refrigerator can also be very helpful.

Final Thoughts

So we see that Boxers can actually eat eggs! For the very same reasons, you would love to have this very nutritious and tasty food in your own meals. Especially if they are prepared and served right.

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If for some reason, your Boxers have not had eggs in a long while, we both must agree it is time you get them bought and stored up!

Related Questions

How do I prepare scrambled eggs for my Boxers?

First, break your egg and pour the content into a bowl and stir it. Then, heat a frying pan and pour the content into the pan. Use a little water to prevent it from sticking since you would not be using oil or butter.

You can choose to split into smaller pieces or just serve your dog whole. Do not use other additives as well.

What part of the day is the best time to serve my Boxers its eggs?

Since breakfast is the most important meal o the day and it is advised you serve him just once daily, several times a week, then make it a part of its breakfast. If for any reason you skip breakfast, you can still make it a part of its meal at any time of the day.

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