German Shepherd Names for Your New Puppy

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This highly-intelligent breed with an aloof attitude and fearless spirit is an all-time favourite among dog lovers. German Shepherds have been described as the ultimate working dog and faithful companion, so they naturally deserve the best monikers we can come up with. We’ve put together a list of our favourite male and female German Shepherd names to get you inspired.

Male German Shepherd names

German Shepherd Names for Your New Puppy


Otto is a great dog name and doubles as a tribute to this breed’s German origins. It means wealth and prosperity, and it’s been the name of three German kings and many generals. We think there’s no other name that fits a military service dog better.


Spencer is a beautiful name with a special meaning. It means ‘guardian’ or ‘steward’ and it goes without saying that it’s a perfect match for this breed’s protective nature. If you’re looking for a dog-approved male German Shepherd name, give Spencer a go.


The name made famous by Sylvester Stallone’s boxing saga reminds us of the hard-working underdog determined to win the day. But it also makes an amazing dog name for a canine that’s often the first choice when it comes to search and rescue jobs, guarding responsibilities and awesome companions.

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As soon as you welcome a German Shepherd into the family, you know you’ve got a new friend for life. Buddy is a sweet name reserved for amazing four-legged companions and your new dog definitely fits the bill. So why not state the obvious and call your dog what they are? The best Buddy ever.


Looking for the perfect male German Shepherd name? You really can’t go wrong with Ace. If you love the Batman comics you already know about the famous German Shepherd called Ace, the brave canine resident of the Batcave and Batman’s crime-fighting partner. Ace is one of the coolest names a dog can wish for.


A nod to the famous German Shepherd who worked as a search and rescue dog at the World Trade Center site during the 9/11 attacks, Apollo is a beautiful name that seems ever-present in our pop culture.

Whether it makes you think of the Greek mythologic god of the sun, the NASA space program that successfully landed the first human on the Moon or the famous London theatre, Apollo is sure to make an impression.

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Female German Shepherd Names

German Shepherd Names for Your New Puppy


If you don’t want an ordinary German Shepherd dog name for your new pooch, Irma might just be what you’re looking for. During World War II a German Shepherd called Irma rescued almost 200 people trapped under London’s buildings and even received the Dickin Medal in honour of all the impressive work. Want an Irma of your own? Make sure you add it to your dog name list.


A timeless moniker with a special meaning, Sasha is one of the best names for a female German Shepherd. It means ‘defender of the humankind’ and there’s no better description for this amazing breed of dogs.


This popular French name means ‘beautiful’ and it’s bound to be a name your new dog will love. Plus, it doubles as a Disney dog name, so all the fans of the Beauty and the Beast animation can have a charming, free-spirited Belle of their own in the family.

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Looking for a cute and sassy name for your female German Shepherd? Give Trixie a go. Trixie might be an unusual dog name, but if your dog brings you lots of joy, that’s precisely what this name means.


If your German Shepherd is the sweet, girly kind, Missy would make the perfect name. What better moniker for your lovely companion? Plus, it’s short and spunky – exactly what all the good dog names have in common.


The courageous and beautiful Nala from the Lion King offers dog lovers another beautiful Disney-inspired female German Shepherd name. It perfectly matches the looks and personality of this amazing canine breed, so why not test it on your new pup and see what they think?

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