How Much Do Yorkie Puppies Cost?


A Yorkie puppy is one of the most sought after breeds in the world. Despite their tiny size and all the feistiness that is in their personality, they make the perfect companion for many households. If you are looking for a Yorkie to add to your family, you may be curious as to how much one will cost.

The price of a Yorkie puppy will range between $300 to $800. Purebred Yorkies with all the paperwork in place can cost a little bit more, up to $2000 from a breeder who is licensed with the American Kennel Club and a little bit less from an unlicensed breeder. Teacup Yorkies are not inexpensive either. These will cost somewhere in the $1200 to $2000 price range too. Let’s take a closer look at the Yorkie puppy to see how much they cost and what factors will determine this cost too.

How Much Does a Yorkie Cost?

The cost of the Yorkie will depend on whether they have papers or not and what mixture of Yorkie they are. If you have a local breeder without any paperwork, the cost for a Yorkie is going to be between $300 to $800. If the local breeder does have papers, the cost of the Yorkie will go up a little bit, depending on the lineage of that puppy, to $800-$2000 for the puppy.

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It is sometimes possible to find a Yorkie at a shelter as well. These puppies are often cheaper to work with depending on the shelter you work with. It is possible to find a Yorkie for between $100 and $200 here.

The teacup Yorkie can cost around $1200 to $2000 as well. These dogs are usually purebred as well, though some may be a mixture depending on what the breeder used to get them to be so small. You need to check with the breeder to see what mixture is present in the Yorkie so you know what to expect with them.

How Much Does a Mixed Breed Yorkie Cost?

The price of a mixed breed Yorkie will depend on where you find them. If the dog is from a shelter, then the cost is generally between $100 and $200, regardless of the mixture of the breed. For a Biewer Terrier, the cost of a puppy from a local breeder without papers will be between $3000 and $5000. This is not an official breed of dog so there are no price comparisons for having papers or getting one through an AKC licensed breeder.

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The same is true for the Chorkie and the Morkie as well. The Chorkie will typically cost between $400 and $800 from a local breeder without papers while the Morkie will cost between $850 and $3600 from a local breeder without papers. Neither breed is recognized by the AKC and will not come with paperwork.

How Much Does a Purebred Yorkie Cost?

A purebred Yorkie is going to cost a little bit more than what you will find with some of the other types of Yorkies. Because these are so prized, they can take in a higher price than some of the others. Some comparisons of how much a purebred Yorkie will cost include:

  • Local breeder with papers: This Yorkie will cost between $800 and $2000 based on the heritage of their parents.
  • AKC licensed breeder: These Yorkies will cost between $1200 and $2000 each.
  • AKC Championship Bloodline: This means that one of the ancestors of the puppy won an AKC title. Since this is rare, the cost is going to be a lot more. You may pay up to $10,000 for this kind of dog.
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If the lineage of the dog is not that important to you, a local breeder with or without papers can provide a great Yorkie for an affordable price for your family. If the bloodline is important, then you will need to pay extra for that.

What Determines the Cost of a Yorkie?

As you can see from above, there are different factors that will determine the cost of a Yorkie and you may pay different amounts for each one. There are many reasons for the cost of a Yorkie, but some of the major factors that help determine this include:

The Bloodline

If you want a purebred Yorkie, you will need to pay more for it. Those who have AKC champions in them will be the most expensive, but there are plenty of options available with a good bloodline that don’t cost quite as more. Mixed breeds will often be less expensive to purchase as a puppy, but they generally have fewer medical issues and can still be adorable and cute.

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The Papers

When you go with a purebred Yorkie, it is important to get the right documentation to prove their lineage. Registration documents can tell you more about the bloodline of the puppy including who the breeder is, the parents of the puppy, their siblings and more.

AKC provides the more respected documents, but there are others. These documents basically guarantee the health condition of the Yorkie. This is why they cost more. If you are getting a Yorkie with documents, the cost will be more.

Their Health

It is possible for healthy purebred parents to have a sick puppy sometimes and each of these defects will lower the price. But it is less common for these defects to happen with healthy, purebred parents. You should always ask questions about the puppy before you bring them home. There may be issues that the breeder knows about, but they will try to hide to help themselves make more money.

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Always ask the right questions to make sure that you get the right puppy for your needs. talk about their parents, how the birth went, and any medical conditions that could be present. See if you can walk around the area where the breeder has kept the dogs to make sure the other puppies are doing well. If this is a local breeder, look up some of the reviews as well.

The Breeder

The breeders who are considered the most reputable are the ones who breed dogs that have the best bloodlines. If there is lots of information out there concerning the breeder, then they are probably someone you can trust. But if you have trouble finding any information on the breeder, it is best to use caution to avoid problems later on.

The Appearance

The appearance of the Yorkie is going to matter as well. They do need to look like they are healthy, but the two things that will determine how much the Yorkie costs will be their size and their coat. There are standard colors of the Yorkie and they need a coat that is smooth and silky. If the coat comes out coarse, the price is going to be lower.

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The size of the Yorkie seems to drive the price as well. Yorkies who are between 4 to 7 pounds are the average size for this breed. But the tiny ones are in fashion right now. Teacup Yorkies can fetch a high price for most owners. Be careful when doing this though. It is possible that a breeder will try to sell you a small dog to get more money, but the dog will not even be a Yorkie.

How Much Do Yorkie Puppies Cost?

How Much Should I Spend on a Yorkie?

The prices for how much you will spend on a Yorkie will vary. Most families will agree that spending $10,000 on a Yorkie puppy that their kids will play with and run around with is too much. But there are a lot of great purebred Yorkies out there that cost a whole lot less than that amount.

In general, you should be able to get a Yorkie for between $300 and $800. This breed is one that you get what you pay for. If you want a purebred Yorkie from a good family with minimal health problems, then you should expect to pay a little more, usually up to $2000.

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When shopping for a Yorkie, remember that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. The Yorkie is a popular breed of dog and many families want them for their size and temperament. This means that it is unlikely that you will find a Yorkie who is in good health and has a good lineage for a low price.

Choosing a Yorkie for Your Family

A Yorkie is a great addition to any family. They have a lot of personality and are small and easy to take care of, making them the perfect addition to most families. Knowing how much these dogs cost and what to look for when purchasing one can make the decision a little bit easier.

You will know what a fair price is for the Yorkie and when someone may be trying to fool you with a price that is too high. Keep these numbers in mind when you are ready to shop for a Yorkie to add to your home.

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