Pug Rescue Guide: How to Find One, and What it Will be Like


Craving companionship? Or perhaps the kids are bugging you to get a puppy again. Whatever the case may be, dogs are generally a great addition to any household, as they brighten up any space they enter – especially Pugs. But did you know that about 3 million dogs enter shelters every year? A vast majority of those dogs are Pugs – for reasons we may never quite understand.

So, what should you know before adopting a pug? Adopting a Pug will take Patience. When adopting a Pug from a rescue situation, it is not uncommon for the pug to have come from a difficult background. It will take time (perhaps months) for their Pug to acclimate to their new home life and living situation. The first step in adopting your new dog is understanding why you should adopt a Rescue Pug.

Why Adopt a Pug?

Pugs are a great addition to any household, young or old. They are a popular breed among many dog owners in the United States. There are several reasons America loves the Pug (not just because of their faces). But, here are just a few of those reasons to help you understand why Pugs are so great:

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Pugs are Intelligent: These dogs are very food motivated. With treats, anything is possible when it comes to training a Pug. Have patience and your Pug should learn quickly.

Pugs are Social: Pugs are happiest when they can be around people. They love to spend time cuddling up to their owners and running around trying to get their attention.

Pugs Make Great Family Pets: Because Pugs love people, Pugs are great with children. They love to and play and spend time with the ones they love (although they are not that active). They are however a little protective when it comes to their food. So keep your kids away when dinnertime rolls around.

Pugs Don’t Need Tons of Maintenance: Because of their breeding, Pugs have cute, flat faces. But, those faces sometimes need occasional cleaning to keep them healthy and happy. Beyond that, the usual grooming standards for short-hair breeds should apply.

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Pugs Love Affection: Pugs are a very social breed, and as such they love to both receive and give affection. They are happy to curl up beside you as you pet them. But at the same time, they are happy to stand on your lap and give you many, many kisses.

It is important to understand that with their breeding, Pugs do come with some health issues just like any other dog breed. Most of the time these issues are aligned with their flat faces which oftentimes cause problems with their eyes and breathing. However, these are often the things we find most endearing about the Pug – their faces, with those bulging eyes and wheezing noses.

As long as owners can handle cleaning their Pug’s face and taking them in for regular checkups on their eyes, then this should not be too much of a concern. Oftentimes, we as owners love to hear the raspy snoring of our Pug’s breeding. But if their breathing begins to worsen, it is important to take them in for a checkup as it may be a sign of a more serious condition.

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Where to Find a Rescue Pug

There are many great sources all over the internet for locating animals in your local area that are in need of a home. But first, there is one important concept that should be grasped before confidently approaching the idea of adopting from a shelter.

Important Disclaimer about Adopting from a Shelter or Rescue

There are many, many animals – especially dogs – who are looking for their forever homes. However, many animals do not get adopted due to their age and health requirements. If you are looking for a young, healthy puppy, then adopting from a shelter may not be for you. However, for those willing to put in the time and effort for those older Pugs who need a loving home, they will not be disappointed in what they find. Remember, often the Rule is this:

“Adopt. Don’t Shop.”

Now that this is understood, how can we find a Rescue Pug?

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Look Out For Adoption Events in Your Area

Oftentimes, animal shelters will plan events around their local area to encourage those interested in adopting an animal to come out and find what animals the shelter has to offer. These events are often a great way for families to come out and get a good feel for what kind of personality they want from their dog, as well as get a good feel for what dog will work best for the needs of their family.

At these adoption events, potential owners often have a better chance to interact with the dog they are interested in than they would have by visiting the shelter on any other given day. Dogs are often out on display during these events, and everyone is allowed to visit with them. These events may sometimes offer discounts on dogs. So, if you are on a budget, these are great events to look out for in the future.

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Locate Shelters and Rescues in Your Area

The most obvious thing you can do if you are really serious about adopting a p u g is to go online and look through the website for your local shelter and find out if they have any Pugs up for adoption.

Another great source you can go to is the website of a local rescue organization that is dedicated just to rescuing Pugs. In this way, you are guaranteed to find the breed that you are looking for and also find the best Pug for your home (A Pug that has a personality that works for you and your family.)

Most of the time, on Shelter and Rescue websites, you will have the opportunity to look at the Pugs that up for adoption and read all about them before going in and visiting the organization in person. It is best to go into the Rescue with an idea of which dogs you are especially interested in meeting and eventually adopting.

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Oftentimes, Rescues and Shelters are very dedicated to the well-being of their animals. As such, do not be offended if you are asked to go through a very thorough screening process before you can begin the adoption process.

What to Expect from the Shelter or Rescue

Adopting a Pug is not always going to be the easiest process for anyone. Shelters and Rescues take their work very seriously. As this is the case, oftentimes Animal Shelters and Rescues have an entire process to go through before you can bring your Pug home with you. Some things that often are expected of shelters to prepare owners for their soon – to – be new responsibility are the following processes:

  • Home Visits
  • Applications
  • Interviews
  • Health Checks/ Vet Visits for Dogs

There are a number of reasons that Shelters and Rescues take their time with these processes, but here are Two Main Reasons these things need to be done.

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1. To make sure your home is a good and safe fit for the dog

2. To make sure the dog will be healthy when it comes home with you

Generally, the adoption process from the time you go into the shelter or rescue up until you have your new Pug in the home with you will take about two weeks total. You may also notice that you need to list a Veterinarian as a reference alongside the names of any other animals you currently or have previously owned.

As such, the Shelter will often call the Veterinarian to find out about your prior history with handling animals. So, it would be a good idea to take care of your animals if you are interested in adopting a new Pug. Be patient with the adoption process. It will take some time. Let the Shelter or Rescue take their time to get to know you as an owner. And as long as you are serious about taking on this new endeavor and you are confident in your ability as an owner, everything should work out for both you and your future Pug.

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What to Expect When You Get Home

Pug Rescue Guide: How to Find One, and What it Will be Like

Prepare to Bring Your Pug Home

Once you have finished with the general screening process at the Shelter or Rescue, it will be time for you to prepare to bring your new Pug home. Take the time to bond with your new dog at the Shelter or Rescue – that is, if they allow you to go in and interact with the Pug you have chosen.

This is also the time to make sure that you or someone in your family will definitely have the time to devote to owning a Pug. Pugs are rather social and oftentimes become very literally “attached at the hip” to their owners. They will not be happy to be left alone at home for hours on end.

Owners should also take care to find out what kind of food the shelter has been feeding to the Pug. This will help you to better transition to bringing your Pug from one familiar environment to an entirely new one.

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It may also be of benefit to you, as the owner, to ask the shelter to take something such as a blanket your Pug used for sleeping or even a toy that they had. This way, your Pug has something familiar to hold onto that will make the stressful transition a little less stressful for them.

Before bringing your Pug home, you should also prepare your home for any and all Special Needs your Pug may have. Ask the shelter how you can better prepare your home in situations such as these, as circumstances may differ from owner to owner.

Try as hard to familiarize yourself with the background of your new pet as much as you can before bringing them home. This will help you to become more patient and earnest in your endeavors as you try to integrate your Pug into their new home.

If owning a Pug is unfamiliar with you, try to understand as much about the breed as you can. Familiarize yourself with their personalities as well as any and all health issues that are inherent with this breed. Prepare your home by getting toys for your Pug. Buy them food dishes, and a leash among any and all other necessities that come with the territory.

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Integrating Your Pug into the Family

The most frustrating thing about adopting any new animal and bringing them into your home is that oftentimes, you may not know your pet’s entire background – whether it be good or bad. When it comes down to it, sometimes you may only know as much about your new dog as the Shelter or Rescue may know. And that could be nothing.

And many times – especially for smaller dogs such as Pugs – these animals have been rescued from abusive situations. New owners need to accommodate for those kinds of situations and allow their mind to acclimate to the idea that their Pug may take several weeks to become comfortable with living with new people and in a new home.

As such, it’s important that when you bring your Pug home, are patient and allow for this time to pass. You should be willing to help your Pug to build up their trust with you as an owner. Understand that in extreme situations, it could take several months before your dog can approach you with their full trust. However, as you go about this process, the results will be rewarding. As trust is built, more of your Pug’s personality will begin to show and your bond as Dog and Owner will start to increase.

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As trust begins to build between owner and dog, the time may come when you, as an owner start to notice undesirable behaviors in your Pug. This stems from the idea that your Pug is still beginning to get used to the new living situation. They are just trying to test their boundaries with you and find out what is and isn’t acceptable.

At this moment in time, training may be a huge help to both owner and Pug alike. Try not to get too frustrated. Some behaviors may have come as a result of your Pug’s previous home and background.

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Why Should I Adopt a Rescue Dog? Adopting a Rescue Dog can and should be a rewarding experience for any dog lover and owner. Rescuing dogs from a shelter rather than going to the Pet Store oftentimes gives a dog a second chance at a great and sometimes even better home than they otherwise may have had.

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How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Rescue Dog? Rescue fees often vary from shelter to shelter. However, most adoption fees at shelters are usually anywhere from $50 to $200. But it often depends on the shelter itself. If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, it’s recommended that you check your local shelter’s fees on their website before going in for a visit.

Do Pugs Work Well With Other Animals? Most Pugs should do just fine with other pets, so long as they are integrated slowly and given the proper socialization with other animals. If your Pug is a rescue and you are unsure of their background, take your time when introducing them to your other pets.

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