White Dog Names

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From the whitest of white furs to pearl-like colours and every other light-coloured dogs out there, these canines have a great choice of monikers. Here are some of the most beautiful names that will perfectly suit your pup’s personality and looks.

White male dog names

White Dog Names

Is your cuddly little ball of white fur a boy? The good news is that there’s a plenty of inspiration around. From weather-related white male dog names that somehow manage to make your pet look even cuter than they already are, to some of the best pop culture references that will easily double as a great dog name, here are our top ideas:


Fans of Family Guy won’t need too much convincing to choose the name Brian for their smart canine companion in a white coat. But even if you’ve never seen the show, trust us. The highly intellectual pooch in the series is now part of pop culture.

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So, if you’re after an iconic name that will get plenty of attention when out and about, Brian is the white male dog name you’ve been looking for.


A truly ‘cool’ name, Frosty will suit any dog that has a snow-white coat. It’s also extremely cute, winter-inspired and short, which is always the best way to go with dog monikers. Is your dog also a bit feisty and difficult to impress? Frosty it is then!


Ice is another winter-inspired name that can easily turn into Icy when you want to spoil your white furry friend. Did you know that ice is the slang word for diamonds? One more reason to choose this name for your precious addition to the family.


If you don’t want to go the winter route, but still want a white male dog name that perfectly matches your fluffy pet, Cloud might be it. What better choice for a big fluffy bundle such as the Samoyed dog breed, or for smaller pooches like the Pomeranian or the Bichon Frise?

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For a super-friendly dog that surprisingly manages to always scare visitors, there is no better white dog name than Casper. Inspired by the pop culture’s friendliest ghost, Casper is a sweet and snappy name that will no doubt get your white dog’s seal of approval.

White female dog names

White Dog Names

The new snow-white princesses in the family deserve an equally royal name. Here the sweetest white female dog names to match the character and looks of your new pet.


Royal, elegant and inspired by Frozen’s ice princess herself, Elsa is a no-brainer if you need a name worthy of a spunky, white-furred dog. Plus, it’s constantly featured in the most popular dog names list. Check out our Disney Dog Name ideas for even more inspiration for your four-legged princess.


Well-behaved puppies deserve a name that tells the whole world how special they are. If you’re after a female white dog name that matches the new guardian in the family to a T, Angel is the perfect choice.

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This celestial dog name means ‘moon’ in Latin and it’s the name of the Roman goddess of the Moon as well. Plus, it’s a moniker that keeps topping the lists of the most popular dog names, so even though you won’t be the only one with a fluffy Luna wagging their tail around the house, you’ll be joining the ranks of dog owners choosing an amazing name for an equally amazing canine friend.


If this milky-coloured gem sums perfectly the colour of your dog, why not choose Pearl as the name for your white female dog? Did you know that the name Margaret also means pearl? So, if you’re after a name that perfectly describes your graceful and elegant ball of pearl-like fur, but that’s not too on the nose, put Maggie at the top of the list too.


Meaning ‘white’ in Italian, Bianca is one of the most beautiful names for a white puppy. No matter the fur type, size or shade of white, this pretty, simple name will make the whole family swoon.

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