Best Black Dog Names: The Ultimate List

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Do you need a bit of inspiration to find the perfect name for your new charcoal puppy? We put together a list of the best dog monikers out there. Is there a new black dog in your life? If you’ve always wanted a charcoal pooch, the top thing on your list must be finding that perfect black dog name.

Don’t worry – it’s out there and we’ll help you find it. If you feel stuck and need a bit of inspiration for your new furry friend, we put together an easy guide to black dog names that will help you navigate this important decision.

Onyx: an oldie, but goodie black dog name

If you prefer to take the classic route to dog naming, Onyx is a name that has been around for a while, but for really good reasons. Short and easy to say, this is a black dog name inspired by a precious black stone. No wonder so many owners look into those precious puppy eyes and get convinced there’s just no better name.

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Midnight: the ethereal black dog name

A cool name that suits any charcoal pup, Midnight could be the one for your mysterious ball of fur. There is no better puppy to pull it off. And if they always try to keep you up at night for a late game of fetch, those dark looks have indeed found their name match.

Tux: the stylish name for a fashionable puppy

There is hardly a more stylish pup out there than a black dog. As a tribute to his always on-point style choose a name that perfectly matches his elegant vibes. Tux is a great male black dog name. It’s short and sweet, and you can turn it into the diminutive Tuxie whenever he deserves that extra praise.

Going to a fancy-dress event and your dog got an invitation too? Just add a white dog bow tie to his look and your dapper doggy will fit right in with the extravagant crowd. Misty eyes are fair game for this proud pup parent moment.

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Raven: the perfect match for a glistening black coat

Don’t hesitate to get inspiration for your new puppy’s name from the animal kingdom. If your dog is a smooth, shiny black beauty they will easily pull off a sleek male black dog name such as Raven.

Guinness: a clever black dog name

His glistening black coat will get plenty of compliments, but you can get in on the praise too with a cleverly chosen name. Guinness, inspired by the darkest of all drinks, might just be the one.

Panda: a black dog name for cuteness overload

Have you noticed a touch of white on your black puppy’s paws? Then the male black dog name options are truly endless. Choose Panda and the cuteness levels will go through the roof. Another all-time favourite is Mickey, inspired by the beloved Disney character.

Morticia: a Halloween-inspired female black dog name

You will know instantly when you’ve got a stunner on your hands with a female black dog. If subtle beauty and a decisive nature are her forte, a female black dog name such as Morticia, inspired by The Addams Family, might be that perfect match. Plus, your Halloweens will never be the same with such a reliable costume partner by your side.

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Poppy: the affectionate cute female black dog name

Do you prefer a warm, affectionate female black dog name instead? Try Poppy. It’s the name of the cherished red flower, but poppy seeds are really the inspiration behind the name. They are black and will add the most special flavour.

Lily: the genius black dog name

If you’re the one for a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour, why not choose Lily, the name of another beloved flower? The contrast between the lily’s pure whiteness and your pup’s stunning dark beauty will be nothing short of genius.

Batman: pop-culture inspiration

Batman is the perfect black dog name inspired by pop culture. If your dog gives you superhero vibes with their protective presence, what better match is there than the name of the beloved silent guardian, aka the Dark Knight himself?

Coke: the black dog name for bubbly personalities

There are plenty of black beverages around. But there is one iconic fizzy drink that will suit a bubbly dog personality perfectly. If your dog is the energetic kind, Coke or Cola is a great tongue-in-cheek black dog name. Give it a go and see what your pup thinks.

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Panther: perfect for those striking black pups

Is your puppy a breath-taking appearance already emanating strength and power from an early age? Then Panther will be a nice fit – this dark-coloured striking animal is an inspiration not to be ignored.

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